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Programme Schedule
Programme schedule
Monday - Friday

6-7 The quiet hour with Jane Markham
7-9.30 Andy Marriott
9.30-10 Music While You Work
10-12 Brian Savin
12-1 Music Box (Mon-Thur), The Crooner's Club (Fri)
1-3 Paul Robey with the softer side of the 60s & 70s
3-6 John Darvall
6pm - 6am As above


6-7 A Little Light Music
7-10 Stephen James with Saturday Breakfast
10-12 Jeff Owen's great Oldies
12-3 Swingin' Saturday with Andy Marriott
3-5 David Lloyd with Weekend Company
5-6 Robert Walton's Bottom Drawer
6-8 Showstoppers with Elaine Abelaine-Moore
8-9 Dinner at 8 with Simon McLean
9-11 Home of the stars with Kevin Taylor
11-12 Stephen James with Late Night Extra
12-6 As above


6-7 A Little Light Music
7-10 Stephen James with Sunday Breakfast
10-12 Easy like a Sunday Morning with Krissi Carpenter
12-3 Music Cavalcade, your host is John Walton
3-5 David Lloyd with Weekend Company
5-5.30 Sing Something Simple
5.30-6 The Music and Mantovani
6-7 The Archive hour hosted by Andy Marriott
7-9 The Light Programme with David Corbett
9-11 Home of the stars with Kevin Taylor
11-12 Select company with Colin Hamilton
12-6 As above

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In our fast-paced modern commercial world it's important to have an escape route. Serenade Radio is just that.

Sometimes, it's an escape into the past with a wealth of great songs written at a time when quality was paramount. At other times, we long for a gentler, more comfortable world of childhood, when life was care-free and our parents protected us from the cold outside. Often, all it takes is a good song well sung, to refresh and invigorate the soul.

This on-line radio station was born out of a desperate need to hear those great songs from that golden era of song writing. Not just the occasional one-off song, lost in a sea of pop mediocrity, but all day every day. That's what Serenade Radio is here for!

The people behind the station have many decades of broadcasting experience under their belts. We have previously been involved with the greatly missed Saga radio, BBC radio and commercial radio in several major UK cities. Sadly, the current financial climate forces mainstream radio stations to try to achieve the largest audiences possible to keep their advertisers happy. We approach it from the other direction; lets keep the listener happy!

The quality of the music is timeless. Everyone can enjoy the classic songs performed by the greatest singers. Serenade Radio features easy listening from Frank Sinatra to The Carpenters, Bing Crosby to Bread, Ella Fitzgerald to Harry Connick Jnr, You get the idea!

This is Serenade Radio with the best in Easy Listening.

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