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Programme Schedule
Programme schedule
Monday - Friday

6-7 The quiet hour with Suzie Stevens
7-9.30 Andy Marriott
9.30-10 Music while you work
10-12 Brian Savin
12-1 Musicbox (Mon-Thur), The Crooner's Club (Fri)
1-3 Paul Robey with the softer side of the 60s & 70s
3-6 John Darvall
6pm - 6am As above


6-7 A Little Light Music
7-10 Stephen James
10-12 Jeff Owen
12-3 David Naylor
3-6 David Lloyd
6-8 Showstoppers with Elaine Abelaine-Moore
8-9 Dinner at 8
9-11 Home of the stars with Kevin Taylor
11-12 Late Night Extra with Stephen James
12-6 As above


6-7 A Little Light Music
7-10 Stephen James
10-12 Krissi Carpenter
12-3 David Naylor
3-6 David Lloyd
6-8 Pure Nostalgia with Andy Marriott
8-10 Brian Savin's Sunday Serenade
10-12 The Light Programme with David Corbett
12-6 As above

Having trouble hearing us?
Help is at hand.

  The internet can be fickle. Sometimes it all works beautifully, other times it is against you!

Usually the best and easiest way to listen to Serenade Radio on a computer is to click the "Listen Now" button on our home page. This opens a new window containing the player. The reason for the new window is to leave your main browser open for you to go surfing or shopping without losing the Serenade accompaniment.

  There are many on-line radio players available for computers and mobile phones.

VLC is a player for PC's that does an excellent job of playing Serenade Radio. It is completely free, to download click here: VLC Media Player
Once downloaded and installed download this SR Shortcut,
(right click the link and "save as"), put it on your desktop and then all it takes is a double-click and you will be serenaded!

To listen on a mobile phone there are a couple of choices: TuneIn
is a very reliable and versatile app available for both Android and Apple devices, it is very simple to configure and use. There is a fully functional free version plus, for a small fee, the pro version has the ability to record.
xiia live is also available for both phone types and although slightly more complicated to set-up it is very user friendly once installed. It has the added advantage of homescreen shortcut widgets.

Many other players can be used to listen to Serenade radio, generally all that is needed is the address of our stream:
This is stream uses mp3 for maximum compatibility, at a high quality bitrate of 192k in stereo
If data usage is an issue we also have a lower bitrate aac stream:

Other solutions include "Internet radios", these resemble traditional transistor radios but instead of an aerial they use your wi-fi (sound quality is much better than a tinny old tranny too!).

Alexa is another possibility, the voice-controlled media player from Amazon. Some Alexa users have reported difficulty receiving Serenade Radio via Alexa, but a sure fire way is to say:
"Alexa, play Serenade Radio by tunein"

We can also be heard on some third party internet radio directory sites such as:

  If you have any problems at all tuning in to Serenade Radio please email: and we will do our best to get it working.
Thank You.

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