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Programme Schedule
Programme schedule
Monday - Friday

6-7 A Little Light Music
7-10 Andy Marriott
10-12 Brian Savin
12-1 Musicbox (Mon-Thur), The Crooner's Club (Fri)
1-3 Paul Robey with the softer side of the 60s & 70s
3-6 John Darvall
6-7 The Quiet Hour with Jane Markham
7pm - 6am As above


6-7 A Little Light Music
7-10 Stephen James
10-12 Jeff Owen
12-3 David Naylor
3-6 David Lloyd
6-8 Showstoppers with Elaine Abelaine-Moore
8-9 Dinner at 8
9-11 Saturday Night Country with Tim Rogers
11-12 Late Night Extra with Stephen James
12-6 As above


6-6:30 A Little Light Music
6:30-7 Music and the spoken word
7-10 Stephen James
10-12 Krissi Carpenter
12-3 David Naylor
3-6 David Lloyd
6-8 Pure Nostalgia with Andy Marriott
8-10 Brian Savin's Sunday Serenade
10-12 The Light Programme with David Corbett
12-6 As above

Meet the Presenters

Brian Savin
My years in broadcasting began at the BBC in London in film editing. However, my passion has always been radio and in the early 70s I became a lowly station assistant at Radio Birmingham (now Radio WM). From there I moved on to BRMB (where, quite by accident, I was the first voice heard on air) and there I stayed for almost twenty-five years as a presenter, producer,
 Head of Music, Deputy Programme Controller and finally Head of Creative Services. I left to form my own production company, which I still run, and even found the time to be Programme Director at Saga's West Midlands station. We played a great selection of easy-listening music and that's just the sort of music you can hear on my programme on Serenade Radio.

Contact Brian directly:

John Darvall
In the last two decades I have been here, there and everywhere as a broadcaster and voiceover artist. I've explained the delights of Gatwick Airport on its transit train and described the shops in lifts in UK and Dubai shopping centres, been the voice of three national TV stations and for BFBS TV around the world, where I still work today.
I've even turned dreadful daytime TV into cult viewing, with the blessing of the show's American producer the legendry Aaron Spelling. My first love is radio. From 2002 I've done every kind of programme from late nights to breakfast and drive time shows and all talk radio shows for the BBC, which I still do today. I love the intimacy of radio and of music radio, the way it use to be, so the chance to play real songs from artists and composers who have true heart and soul is a delight that I could not refuse. In my time I have interviewed many great names for the world of music but my two favourites have to be Andy Williams and the great Tony Bennett.

Contact John directly:

Andy Marriott
I think I now probably qualify as a veteran broadcaster, having been on the radio and TV since the age of 20 in 1981. My career began as a dog's body at BBC Radio Lincolnshire. In 1984 I joined the Radio Trent group as a member of the original presentation team at Leicester Sound.
 I was part of the original line-up on Trent's Derbyshire service in 1987 as presenter of the breakfast show. Then in October 1988 Gem AM was born, I was there from day one until it declined, due mostly to corporate greed. I also had a parallel career in TV. As one of the main announcers on Central TV in the Midlands on weekdays and for London Weekend Television. I retired from TV in 2002 when all the regional ITV stations were homogenised into one bland lump. I briefly returned to radio in the autumn of 2001 as afternoon presenter and head of music for Saga Radio. Once again corporate nonsense got in the way of great radio and Saga sold its radio stations to Smooth. I left. Quality radio with mature professional presenters and the greatest music ever recorded was a thing of the past, until now!

Contact Andy directly:

Paul Robey
With an ambition to work in radio from an early age, I subjected my parents to incessant practice sessions, playing my Mum's favourite records and demanding their attention in between tracks! I developed an appreciation of easy listening, which has since become known among colleagues as "Miriam Music" - so named after my late Mum.
  My professional break came in 1982, when I started at Nottingham's Radio Trent, alongside Dale Winton, Len Groat and Andy Marriott. By 1994, I was running the original Gem-AM oldies station, plus the national Classic Gold network. Following a stint with the Lincs FM group, I had the privilege of setting up Saga Radio in the East Midlands; a career highlight. Here, I was honoured to work with legends "Diddy" David Hamilton and Sheila Tracy - and it's where I first encountered Brian Savin and John Darvall. For the past few years I have presented various shows on BBC Local Radio across Leicester, Lincolnshire and Nottingham. Being invited to join Serenade Radio feels like coming home... It's a natural place to share my passion for the best in easy listening from the 50s, 60s and 70s. !

Contact Paul directly:

Steve James
It all started at an early age- mesmerised as a toddler by the family's reel-to-reel tape recorder whose spools unwound the sounds of Bert Kaempfert with his plunky basslines, jazzy Ella Fitzgerald and Petula Clark with her mysterious plea about not sleeping in the subway darling.
  These were among many musical delights illicitly recorded from the Light Programme whilst Auntie BBC had her back turned. Later for me, post pushchair and bib, came the inevitable and relentless pocket-money-funded acquisition of old radios and tape recorders for bedroom experimentation and disembowelling... Fast-forward to the mid-1990s revival of interest in 'lounge music' and I found myself writing regular pieces in Record Collector magazine on the subject. In fact it was around this time that Mr Marriott of this parish casually informed me that Mantovani's real name was Bert Steggles- a statement so brazen and bizarre that I wasn't able to immediately treat it with the derisive guffaw it deserved.

Contact Steve directly:

Graham Wright
The original East Midlands Gem-AM was where I presented my first ever professional radio show back in 1988. In fact, I was one of the launch team albeit a boy broadcaster who was only originally let loose between 1am and 6am! As the next decade rolled by I worked my way up the Gem-AM schedule as far as weekday lunchtimes.
  Later this once great. radio station was networked out of existence. The intervening years have been kind to me - presentation work for numerous other ILR stations and then BBC local radio right up to the present day. So far, touch wood, I've never needed to get a proper job! Serenade Radio is the sister station to the online revival of Gem AM. The best easy listening in crystal clear quality over the internet anywhere in the world. Even via a Smartphone or tablet app. Amazing! You'll hear me babbling on about real ale, traditional pubs, intellectual friends, my vintage Rover car, canals and cruise ships -and getting over-excited about great old records I haven't played for years. And that will include rather a lot of Frank Sinatra! Thanks for listening.

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Andy Siddell  
Andy's broadcasting career officially started in the summer of 1988 when he did weekend overnight shifts for the satellite radio service Radio Nova. Later that year he moved north to Leeds to join Radio Aire as an overnight and swing presenter. In 1990, when Radio Aire launched Magic 828, Andy found himself doing more shifts on Magic than Radio Aire and then took over the evening show.
Andy spent the next 19 years with Magic as mid morning and drive-time presenter, station manager, head of music and website editor.

In 2006 and moved even further north to Newcastle upon Tyne to present the drive-time show on the Magic north network. The Magic network was a group of 8 radio stations in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Stockton.

In 2009 Andy semi-retired from broadcasting and emigrated to Canada, where he has a home studio and likes to keep his hand in. We were delighted that Andy decided to join our team to present the weekly Friday edition of the Nifty Fifties Golden Year.

Contact Andy directly:

Krissi Carpenter
I have been in Radio for over 30 years (crikey, is it REALLY )?? Started on short wave around the world (broadcasting from my garage with egg boxes on the walls to dull the sound). From there I was so happy to be able to join the team at WABC broadcasting from Co Donegal in Ireland.
 Returning to England I found GEM AM on my radio dial. I listened to the Station every single day with my two favourite Presenters, Andy Marriott and the late Brian Tansley. I made my demo tape for GEM from the same garage and sent it to the Programme Controller, Len Groat, who liked what he heard and he started my true radio career. From GEM AM I moved to Signal Radio in Stoke on Trent and from there to BBC Radio Shropshire where I presented the weekday lunchtime Programme. I was at the BEEB for 13 years.
Today, I work with people who are living with dementia and adults with learning disabilities. I have a hubby and four dogs, so I guess you could say I'm kind of a busy girl. I was delighted to be asked to be part of the Serenade Radio team, join me for a relaxing Sunday morning from 10am.

Contact Krissi directly:

David Naylor  
Like many of my colleagues at Serenade Radio I have had the "Radio Bug" since I was a spotty teenager, in the Sixties, when I managed to get an interview for Radio Caroline. The HM Government Post Master General put an end to that, so I worked for him at Post Office Telephones for the next 30 odd years whilst still leading double life as a radio DJ.
I worked first in cable radio, then established Leicester's Hospital Radio Service, before joining Leicester's first Commercial Radio station, Centre Radio. That led to ten years at Rutland Radio, part of Lincs FM Group. I have watched radio change and evolve over the years, it has 'grown up' or perhaps it has 'dumbed down', however, Serenade Radio is definitely a real taste of the music and the style of radio that had almost faded from our ears. I'm delighted to be part of the team here, many of whom I have admired or worked with in my career. I hope my dollop of larking about nonsense radio adds to this eclectic mix of old duffers, sorry , "seasoned vintage broadcasters" that is Serenade!

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Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers started his broadcasting career at Radio Trent, Nottingham, and in 1979 went on to also broadcast on Xtra AM in Birmingham and eventually was to be found on Gem Am in the East Midlands.

He presented the National Country Show on the Classic Gold Network, (which included numerous broadcasts from Nashville’s WSM Radio, The General Jackson Showboat, The Country Music Hall Of Fame, The Grand Ole Opry etc,) and then Saga Country on SAGA 106.6fm.

 In February 2007 Tim won the coveted Country Music Association (Nashville) International Broadcasters Award for outstanding contributions to Country Music.

Tim now presents a unique show for Serenade Radio: "Saturday Night Country" every Saturday evening from 9-11.

The show covers the range of country music, hillbilly and bluegrass recorded between the 1940's and the 1970's

Contact Tim directly:

Simon McLean
In 2001 I did a one minute business report for my local commercial radio station - little realising this would be the start of a glittering career that would see me working as a newsreader and presenter in exotic and glamorous locations like Basingstoke, Guildford and Ipswich.
But there was one ambition that was left unfulfilled. Years of crawling around the floors of charity shops to find the records had left me with two things; dodgy knees and a love of instrumental music. My record collection was filled with names like James Last, Percy Faith, Ronnie Aldrich (with his two pianos) and many others who may not be as well known, but are equally talented. I wanted to do a show that featured the music I was passionate about - and then came Serenade Radio.

The first Dinner At Eight went out on day one of Serenade Radio, and I've been very proud to be part of it - I'm delighted to give airtime to music that's been a bit neglected over the last few years, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

Contact Simon directly:

John Walton
John started out as a singer and songwriter. Like many crooners in the 70s, however, he had to learn to diversify.   He found himself working variously as a corporate and educational video producer, youth theatre director, radio actor, voice-over man, drama advisory teacher and lecturer in media.

In 2000, he decided, after an 18-year break from music and singing, it was time to return to his roots.  He has released three albums of his own, the most recent being What’s 50 Years? … Between Crooners (2016), produced jointly with the young Birmingham crooner Matthew Long.

2010 saw the launch of Lincoln City Radio, a community station John had long campaigned for, and to which he has since contributed live and pre-recorded programmes as well as ads, promos and voice-overs. With his passion for crooning as strong as ever, he’s delighted to be presenting Crooners Club on Serenade Radio, a station he enthusiastically supports.

Contact John directly:

Meet the Announcers

Trish Bertram (Weekends)
Having blagged my way in with no background in ‘meeja' whatsoever but a lot of naive confidence, I was lucky enough to start my broadcasting career with the sadly no longer London Weekend Television back in the 80s.

It’s there I met Andy Marriott and we have continued stalking each other around a few TV and radio stations ever since. (Andy is responsible for my most favourite continuity announcement ever. It involves inspired improvisation - and a tea tray.)

By the time I finished live TV announcing in 2008 I was the longest serving female TV announcer in the UK, having said ‘coming up next’ for LWT, ITV, Channel 5, BBC World, BSB Galaxy, Super Channel, TVS, West Country and The Family Channel.

I 'm still a pre-recorded telly announcer (which means I can say 'coming up next' when I’m actually at home in the bath). I’ve also been been a ‘station voice' for many radio stations across the UK.

I work on live events too and was the live Announcer for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar; the London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics and more recently the First European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

I must say I am delighted to be part of the Serenade team!
(but Andy…. we must stop meeting like this …)

Contact Trish directly:

Patrick Lunt (Weekdays) Patrick Lunt
Patrick was born in Liverpool, brought up in Birmingham, and educated in Wales and Scotland - but he failed to pick up any of the accents along the way,

("Unless I try very hard", he says.)
His voice was always on Radio 2 in our youth. Patrick might be the newsreader of the day, or you could find him playing songs in the middle of the night. He could also often be heard "shouting" the trailers on BBC Television, narrating documentaries for the Discovery Channel or presenting videos in stores and at exhibitions.

These days, in addition to his work on Serenade Radio, his voice is often to be heard at Olympia, the NEC and the Excel, as he introduces an Awards ceremony, a fashion show, or other eclectic gathering. Patrick also voices dozens of radio commercials and telephone 'on-hold' messages, from the comfort of his own studio, which is what enables him to be in so many places at the same time!

Away from the microphone, Patrick enjoys hot air ballooning, singing in small choirs, crosswords, puns, and drinking the odd pint… But not all at the same time.

Contact Patrick directly:

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